Monday, 6 May 2013

Race 2- Why doesn't it ever end?

Race 2 is an action packed thriller with a suspense so great that you will never be able to guess the end…. Till 10 minutes after the movie starts. The movie is filled with rich mansions, airplanes, helicopters, yachts and gadgets that make the Bond movies look out of date. There is only one thing missing throughout- A good script.

The movie starts by introducing the handsome billionaire Arman Malik played by John Abraham’s nipples (They were seen more than his face throughout the movie) and his hot sister Elena who doesn’t believe in covering her body with clothes- ever; played by someone who looked like Deepika Padukone (Can’t be sure, my sight never managed to reach her face throughout the movie.) Anil Kapoor is the cheesy ex-police officer with delightful lines like “Cherry, I don’t have time to pop your cherry” (Yes he ACTUALLY says that) and Ameesha Patel plays her ‘desperately trying to look hot’ assistant Cherry. Then enters Ranvir Singh played by Saif Ali Khan. There is also this ton of makeup that moves around throughout the movie with Jacqueline Fernandes’s face on it.

Ranvir is plotting to destroy Arman Malik to avenge his dead wife Sonia played by Bipasha Basu (with clothes this time). However, Arman doesn’t like losing and plots a plan against Ranvir. The money thrown around, and this is absolutely true, is 15 Billion Dollars! And the thing at stake, which is planned to be stolen, is the Shroud of Turin itself (Yeah, I mean why not?). The directors also go on to display how the most holy object in Christianity is protected by a lousy password under an old nun. Overall, the movie turns out to be a mess.

The movie is filled with so many stupidities, that this blog page, and everyone in existence, is incapable to count them. I’ll, however, mention some of them like- buying every jockey in a horse race just so that your horse wins, shooting every parachute in the plane and the pilot instead of the two people in it who you want dead expecting them to crash with the plane, giving Jacqueline more than 15 seconds of frame time wherein the camera is focused on her FACE and she is actually expected to ACT. The thrill is and the end is extremely predictable, especially after you have watched a few Abbas-Mustan movies. Although the end is intense, with action sequences and special effects that will make you gasp with surprise and say only one thing- LOL. As if this wasn’t enough, the end is an incomplete one, hinting towards a sequel. The only good factor of the film is the characterization by Rajesh Khattar. The sound score by Pritam and Atif Aslam is commendable as well.

The movie seems to be aimed to be a classy, top notch theatrical drama. However, it falls on its face because of the lack of a good script and turns into a show of big stars moving around cloth less showing of their chiselled bodies. Don’t go for it, you can wait for the television premier.

Rating- 2.5

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

In darkness, we united. In darkness everybody was one. Every eye was on the screen, all the lips were apart, mesmerized. A single thought was conveyed, a single thought was spread. And when we came out, a single question, by everyone, was asked-

Da Fuq did we just watch!?

Now before giving the review of the movie let me confess that I personally couldn't have enjoyed the movie more. I loved it. However, if your sense of humor is not as demented as mine is, and if you are not drunk while watching it, you are probably going to hate the film. A normal person’s reaction of watching a film would be something like this-

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Film Of The Year, For Students.

Image Courtesy:  Red Chillies 
Student Of The Year is one film having Karan Johar written all over. There is a college with bubbling and refreshing adolescent students clad in clothes of every great brand in existence, drama, love triangle and heavy emotional bonding.

Most of you may have guessed the story from the trailers- there is an university by the name of St. Teresa’s college filled with the creamy layer of India. Two friends, Rohan Nanda (Varand Dhawan) Abhimanyu Singh and (Siddarth Malhotra) enter it. Rohit is the charming rich spoilt brat and Abhimanyu is the middle class boy there on scholarship. Rohan is dating Shanaya (Aliya Bhatt) the prettiest chick on campus. Over a period of time they become friends and the “bromance” ensues. However, the hunger to achieve the student of the year award and them falling in love with the same girl makes things bitter.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Revenge on Star World

All White Collar fans, who have no clue what to watch next, Star World, comes to your rescue, with a brand new series called Revenge. Airing from 13th October, 2012. Revenge is about a woman who enters the Hamptons family for summer. Everything’s beautiful until the viewers find out that she is actually there for revenge from Graysons; the family which was primarily responsible for her being separated from her father forever. They were responsible to put her father into prison for a crime he did not commit. But can she take the revenge?